Scent Control and Hunting

Understanding Scent Control for Deer Hunting Scent control is a big topic of conversation amongst hunters these days. When I was a kid no one ever talked about scent control [...]

How to Use Deer Attractant

So I got a email today about using deer attractant for my Podcast and I thought I would cover it here as well. It’s a good questions that a lot of new hunters struggle [...]

Trail Camera Tips

Trail Camera It’s no secret the trail camera is a huge part of many hunters’ success, but I believe we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. Over the next few [...]

Top 5 Hunting Apps for 2015

Visit our updated Top 5 Hunting Apps for 2016 list. My phone has become a very important part of hunting gear over the years. First my phone replaced my topographic maps, [...]

Maine Doe Permits Reduced for 2015

Deer hunting is a way of life in Maine and for the 2015 hunting season state regulators are considering reducing the amount of Any-Deer permits after another tough winter [...]

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