Bass Fishing

Top Bass Fishing Lakes in Maine

What’s going on!? Jeff Hesketh here and today I wanted to give you the Top Five Bass Fishing Lakes in Maine. I’ve been know for being a #nooffseason fisherman but [...]

Spring Bass Fishing

I’ve made it a point this spring to spend every available moment on the water bass fishing. Ive also made it a point to try new lures because I tend to be the type that [...]

Fall Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

The Fall season brings shorter days, less traffic on the lakes, and some amazing Fall Bass Fishing. For myself I’m a big time Bowhunter and I find it hard to get on the [...]

Drop Shot Rig for Bass Fishing

The Drop Shot Rig Drop Shot Rig is an amazing technique adopted by bass fishing enthusiast which was originally used by saltwater fishermen. The technique was introduced on [...]

Early Spring Bass Fishing

Early Spring Bass Fishing and the Spawn. Springtime movement of bass is centered around spawning. a few weeks before the spawning begins, bass start to move from deep water [...]

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