Top Bass Fishing Lakes in Maine

What’s going on!? Jeff Hesketh here and today I wanted to give you the Top Five Bass Fishing Lakes in Maine. I’ve been know for being a #nooffseason fisherman but [...]

Spring Bass Fishing

I’ve made it a point this spring to spend every available moment on the water bass fishing. Ive also made it a point to try new lures because I tend to be the type that [...]

Scent Control and Hunting

Understanding Scent Control for Deer Hunting Scent control is a big topic of conversation amongst hunters these days. When I was a kid no one ever talked about scent control [...]

How to Use Deer Attractant

So I got a email today about using deer attractant for my Podcast and I thought I would cover it here as well. It’s a good questions that a lot of new hunters struggle [...]

Fall Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

The Fall season brings shorter days, less traffic on the lakes, and some amazing Fall Bass Fishing. For myself I’m a big time Bowhunter and I find it hard to get on the [...]
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