Jeff Hesketh here, the founder & host of 207 Outdoor, an outdoors focused Podcast and blog, where I interview today’s most inspiring sportsmen in the field to help others become more successful.

207 Outdoors was created by myself as a means to share my love of the great outdoors and to educate others interested getting started with everything form hunting, fishing to camping. I’ve had a fishing pole in my hand since I was a boy and have been an avid hunter for over 20 years.

I currently have my eyes set on becoming a Maine guide to assist others in their own adventures. The goal of 207 outdoors is to provide current, useful information about fishing, hunting, hiking and camping in an on-demand audio and video format.

Jeff Hesketh

207 Outdoors is my “proving grounds” to becoming a Maine guide. My hope is to share this road with you on everything I’ve learned towards achieving my goals. I hope that you’ll find all the information here useful and share with others.

Feel free to drop me a line at: Jeff.Hesketh@207Outdoors.com

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Jeff Hesketh

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